Documenta (13) AND AND AND

On September 11, 2012, Day 95 of dOCUMENTA (13), AND AND AND is presenting the last intervention by US-based Mexican artist Pedro Lasch. For the AND AND AND series, Lasch organized Five Decolonial Days in Kassel (July 11-15, 2012) and also created three special 9/11 anniversary reports (2010, 2011, 2012), all of them issued on that date and related to the Twin Towers Go Global (TTGG) initiative.  Like all other projects in the AND AND AND series, these reports are part of dOCUMENTA(13).

‘Grand Gestures & (Im)Modest Proposals’ is the last piece in this three-year cycle. With a critical perspective towards the history of 9/11/2001 and other recent global conflicts, this third report abandons the fictional tone and ambiguous character of the preceding communications. It brings together previously unpublished materials from the TTGG archives, as well as quotes and commentary by the artist and diverse figures ranging from Édouard Glissant to Condoleeza Rice. The PDF publication that constitutes the report is also the central component of a book of the same title released this Fall. The book includes two additional sections on the Phantom Limbs and Twin Towers Go Global series, bringing to a conclusion these multi-year projects by Pedro Lasch.

To access the Third & Last Report (September 11, 2012), visit this link [for best viewing, please download the pdf file so you can see it in the ‘two-page view’ setting]:


The Second Report (September 11, 2011) and all information about the winners of TTGG’s 10th anniversary international ‘open call’ can be found here:

To view the First Report (September 11, 2010) visit:


All other information regarding AND AND AND can be found here: 

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