About TTGG & the International Memorial Reconstruction

Twin Towers Go Global (TTGG) is the official umbrella organization for individuals, companies, and agencies currently engaged in the World Trade Center International Memorial Reconstruction (WTC IMR).

TTGG owes much to the movement rallying to rebuild the Twin Towers on Ground Zero in New York exactly as they were. People of different ages, flags, and organizations have worked tirelessly for this effort. Noteworthy examples include the Twin Towers Alliance, Team Twin Towers, Rebuild the Towers, and the World Trade Restoration Movement. The background image of the TTGG website itself is inspired by Kenneth L. Gardner and Herbert Belton’s architectural work for their designs as featured on the WTC 2011 website. As recently as January 2009, a poll by MSNBC’s David Shuster demonstrated the continued popularity of the idea of restoring New York’s pre-9/11 skyline.

At TTGG we also want to see the Twin Towers as they once stood, and we have worked since 2001 toward their reconstruction in different cities around the world. After almost nine years of arduous preparations, fundraising, and international negotiations, the TTGG Board and Staff announced last August 2010, that the International Memorial Reconstruction was ready to begin work in two of the proposed sites. Functioning as actual office buildings, the new Twin Towers will serve as icons of world peace and international trade, truly global memorials celebrating the lives of those who died for freedom. Just as the Freedom Tower rises in place of the original Twin Towers in New York, these new WTC buildings will soon rise around the world, bringing millions of people together. Their glow will inspire new generations of global citizens, just as the Tribute in Light of LaVerdiere and Myoda has illuminated some of the darkest nights in our recent history.

This site also provides regular news and updates on TTGG related activities.

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For most aspects of TTGG, you can also contact resident artist & project producer Pedro Lasch at: architectural@twintowersgoglobal.org

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