Twin Towers Go Global Medellin

The Twin Towers Medellin are being built at the heart of the Medellin Business Cluster in the northeastern part of the city, where already 21,000 businesses bring in 25% of the country’s GDP. The Towers will be a monument to the city’s cultural, economic, and social advancements in recent years, bringing together representatives of each sector under it roofs. The prestigious University of Antioquia will open its new Globalization Studies Department on two floors of the South Tower, which will also house the works of great 20th Century artist Fernando Botero. Native history and artwork will also be recognized, with textile decorations made by indigenous, pre-colonial artisans on display in the same galleries. TTGG Medellin is also proud to have participated with a float in 2010’s Parade of Myths and Legends!

Business interests will of course be well represented in the Towers, with offices of the largest coffee, flower, agricultural, textiles, and steel companies to be headquartered there. TTGG estimates its Medellin interests will more than double the $60 million per day brought in by Pablo Escobar’s Medellin cartel during its heyday, signaling the city’s definitive movement away from its violent past.

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