Twin Towers Go Global Panmunjom

On schedule for completion in late 2014, the arrival of the Twin Towers to this historic village has already been a catalyst to growth and development in the area. Chinese art auction house Beijing Poly International announced in May its plans to open an office in the Towers, sparking an influx of galleries from abroad to open new outposts in the region. With the nearby Joint Security Area already a tourist destination, the addition of a sculptural installation by artist Ai Weiwei on the Twin Towers campus will add to the draw. Popular chain P.F. Chang’s has announced it will open its largest restaurant yet in TTGG’s WTC Panmunjom, and will offer a floor show featuring South Korean guards from the JSA performing tae kwon do demonstrations.

All of this points to a bright future for the border town, where Panmunjom’s legacy as the site of peace negotiations between the North and South will be remembered in the Towers’ placement on either side of the demarcation line.

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