Twin Towers Go Global Paris

The city of Paris means so much to so many across the world, with its connotations of romance, fine cuisine, and avante-garde art, as well as cutting-edge technologies and global finance. The Eiffel Tower links them all as a symbol of artistry and industry, and as one of the most recognizable structures in the world, it is only fitting that they be joined in the Paris skyline by the Twin Towers Paris.

Already in the second phase of construction, the Towers will frame the Eiffel Tower at the end of the Champs de Mars. The Towers will add to the tourist attractions of the site, with over 15 restaurants, a 3-D IMAX movie theater, a two-floor botanical garden, a put-put course, and 20 floors of shopping. The ground level will feature a mall inspired by the famed 19th Century Paris Arcades, designed by Tom Wright, architect of Dubai’s famed Burj Al Arab Hotel. The Towers will also be a business hub, with 150 floors of offices housing companies from around the world.

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