TTGG & Art

Contrary to some rumors, TTGG’s 10th anniversary Open Call is not a fiction, but an actual campaign that receives submissions from the public. The descriptions and clarifications below do not apply to our open call.

Twin Towers Go Global (TTGG) is as real as any other artwork. As a work of art, it should be approached with both passion and caution, sensitivity and careful critical consideration.

Writers and visual artists have for many centuries and across civilizations created things that defy an easy aesthetic separation of fact and fiction. We resist this ethically comfortable separation for various, sometimes contradictory reasons. Among them we could list the desire to reflect a reality where facts are uncertain and beliefs questionable, the need to bring together publics who otherwise never share a forum, the insistence on our right to the imagination, and the belief that art can help bridge our societies’ tendency to myth and religion on the one side, science and empirical evidence on the other.

It is not the intention of TTGG, however, to engage in unnecessary controversy or purposeless deception. For this very reason, this short text may serve as a simple guide to our readers, viewers, and participants.

Every internal link or reference to TTGG is part of the artistic framework that gives cohesive strength to the project. Statements and information created by TTGG or about TTGG by itself are the sole responsibility of its participants and staff. They are part of an artwork and need to be seen as such. Any information or statements appearing on documents, websites, and archives external to TTGG through the large number of links and references included in the project are, however, the sole responsibility of those third party producers. While TTGG does its best to link mostly to sources whose factual accuracy is unquestioned, we cannot provide any guarantees for the information and content of these linked sites and materials. TTGG brings together the larger artistic, cultural and political manifestations surrounding the history of the NY Twin Towers and 9/11/2001. For this reason, it necessarily includes links and references to sources with a broad range of accuracy, reliability, and ideological positions.

If you have any questions about this dimension of TTGG as an artwork, or would like to receive clarification as to the factual or artistic aspects of a specific page or post on the TTGG site, please contact Pedro Lasch at

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